Judi Sabung Ayam– The Legendary Cockfight Betting Industry

Judi Sabung Ayam– The Legendary Cockfight Betting Industry

In today’s growing community of online betting, we already of well-established games like online poker, horse races, football leagues, etc but there is another contender that’s gaining popularity fast- judi sabung ayam. It is basically betting on cockfighting. Even though it looks like something new it has been in the Indonesian culture for quite a long time.

sabung ayamIts importance for the people

In Indonesia,it is considered a religious practice. It is believed that spilling cock blood on the ground keeps dark spirits away. It is not only important as it is a religious practice but it is also important from an economic point of view. As this sport always had been a major sport for the locals, and now also for many tourists who visit there for the same and the online betting community who find it as a ground of interest, they all put quite a huge amount of money in it.

Even though times have changed, the methods of betting have changed, the amount on wager has increased immensely but yet this game remains the same. The game is still full of emotions. The cocks are raised and trained by many local families and even sometimes there are contenders from other places. During the training, interested parties can visit and see how cocks are being prepared and then decide on which one to bet.


Even though cockfighting is banned and illegal in most of Indonesia but in Bali due to religious beliefs, it is still being practiced on a large scale. For online community there are many websites that allow individuals to get familiarizedwith the game before betting by providing them with a free trial, once done one is free to bet as much as one wants.

Online betting has made it easier for interested individuals who don’t have time or money to travel. The essence of the game is still the same no matter what the medium be. Some might wonder is online betting on judi sabung ayam is safe and not a fraud, well it is safe. Many websites guarantee one with fraud-free transaction and are relatively safe as sometimes the place where the cockfight is held are raided by police and it is also possible to simultaneously do other work. This is not just a game, this is a tradition that has been passed down the generation, who now have found a way to help it reach the bigger communities out there.

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