Jun 17, 2021 Adult

Don’t worry about unprotected sex anymore

There is a pill that is used after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. This is a contraceptive method that is highly recommended due to its ease of use and fewer side effects compared to other pills. Sometimes even if you take protection kike using condoms but sometimes they may break and sometimes when the monthly pill is skipped even then that also it works and prevent you from getting pregnant.

If you missed protection then for emergency protection one can use either this emergency contraception pill or even she can get an IUD inserted at the hospital to prevent pregnancy.

Effectiveness of pill

These pills are around 80 % effective in preventing from becoming pregnant. But they need it to make it less than 3 days after sex for better results. Even though it is suggested to take up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

Working on this pill

This pill when taken, it stops the ovaries from releasing eggs for time being. Prevents the eggs from getting fertilised.

Dosage instruction of pill

This pull is advised to be taken immediately within hours of unprotected sex. But even you can take hpton4 to 5 days but its effectiveness is doubtful.

How to buy  the pill

One can buy this pill at any medical stores without a doctors consultation. There is no need if any prescription for this pill. Many companies are producing them so the selection is up to your choice but all are the same.

When does this pill doesn’t work

  • If you are already pregnant.
  • When education is not taken immediately within the given period.
  • If any vomiting happens so that your tablet may come out.
  • Few other medications when taken along with the pill the mechanism of the pill stops.

Is the pill a good option?

Yes, as this pill provides immediate protection after unprotected sex. This pill doesn’t require any doctor suggestion or consultation.