Discovering the reasons for premarital sex

There are no actions without factor. We need to check out reasons Christian youths do come under the sins of fornication. Premarital sex is what many youths engage in before marital relationship while extra-marital sex is what some wedded people enjoys, when they are not faithful to their partner. Pure, holy or lawful sex is the only reputable sex, it happens in between couples. It is Holy and remarkable, God likes it as well as it brings pureness. What we will be discussing here is premarital sex which the Holy bible calls fornication. It is not enjoyable; it is not love-making but fornication. It is sin, we would have agreed if it is called lust making. Stress from parents, friends, colleagues, lecturer, manager, future companions. Some males do mount stress physically on their companions while some women place stress on their partners by dressing thoughtlessly exposing their nakedness to seduce men.

Some male bosses instead of job do place pressure on their female workers, they desire girls that can benefit them as well as still satisfy them sexually. Many youths have actually involved themselves in premarital sex as an outcome of inquisitiveness. They assumed they were searching for reality, but they wound up ruining themselves. They are not pleased with what their moms and dads, priests as well as Christian close friends informed them concerning sex, they intend to experience it themselves. Television, movie, radio as well as video have added to the high rate of premarital sex. What young people enjoy on display identify their behavior and personality. Every item marketed on T.V. is simply promoting sex in Ghetto tube. As a matter of fact, to market food things they use sex, film, TV as well as radio advertises premarital sex. Most home videos are sex marketers.

Some satanic authors remain in town damaging the young people, they create some sex-related stories, publications and magazines, and they bring out many pictures that boost the youth to consider sex constantly. Having reviewed all these publications, youths do come to be uneasy up until they have put into practice what they found out in guides and also publications. We live in a corrupt culture where people do not see anything negative in ungodliness they do not see premarital sex as sin. They see it as a regular point. For this reason, girls are urged to clothe exposing their bodies. Premarital sex has actually ended up being the norm of the culture. Some Christian young people find it hard to cope in this type of environment. Thus, they fall into this ungodly act. Some ladies desire money at all costs hence they prepare to use their bodies to get it by resting about with males.